Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#21 Frollo- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

#21 - Frollo

Frollo is the Minister of Justice and clearly thinks himself better than everyone, especially the Gypsies.  He can see the corruption in everyone except himself.  He is vindictive and intelligent, and has the power to do almost anything he wishes, except in the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  Using his faith as an excuse he tries to rid the world of sin, and he feels he can do this by destroying all of the gypsy race. When he met Esmerelda he felt an immediate attraction, the fact that he is attracted to Gypsy "witch"  almost drives him mad. One evening, Frollo is disturbed by his attraction to Esmeralda, believing a relationship with her will result in his eternal damnation, which he expresses in the song "Hellfire." Here is that clip from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hope you enjoy it!  Have a Magical Day!!



  1. He is one of the worst Disney Villain, evil to the core. Good movie and great scenery in this one.

  2. I saw this movie in the theater when Ashley was a little girl. Frollo was just pure evil.

  3. oooh I hate this villain! Usually there's something to like about a villain ... Scar is really funny :P But I can't stand Frollo! :(


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