Thursday, May 26, 2011

#20 Dr. Facilier Princess and the Frog

#20 - Dr. Facilier
Dr. Facilier is very smooth and cunning, fooling people into thinking he wants to help them, only to use them as he wishes.  Facilier is a bokor: a voodoo magician who practices both black and white magic. His powers come from his "Friends on the Other Side" and he owes them a debt, which he plans to repay with the souls of New Orleans. The clip shows his demise, hope you enjoy it.  Have a Magical Day!!



  1. We love the Shadow Man, but it is because my girls sing all the words and dance to his song "Friends on the Other Side." DD3 loves this movie and particularly loves the soundtrack.

  2. Beth, you are sweet to visit me today. No bloghop for me, I am not a Star Wars fan (that would be Dakota) and I have never done Star Tours so I don't even know where to begin for the bloghop today. LOL


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