Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Look over there at my Countdown to Disney I am down to Double Digits!! 98 days until my Disney Vacation!!  I am doing the happy dance right now. You wish you could see me don't cha?  I think I was 204 days away when I first posted it here, I was just waiting for my 180 day mark so I could start making ADR's. Time has really flown by since then. Now that spring is here and school will be out in less than two months I am really getting excited. I still have a ton to do. Yesterday I got a nice little envelope in the mail from Walt Disney World with a video and info specific to my resort and package. I was so busy last night (watching the Braves and Dakota was playing guitar with one of the neighbors) I didn't get the chance to watch and read everything. So guess what I'm doing tonight. Anyway, just sharing my joy at being less than 100 days away from my vacation to The Happiest Place On Earth!!


  1. Congratulations in getting down to the double digits! I have waayyyy too long to put up a countdown for my trip (plus, we don't have the exact dates yet)!

  2. Yay! You're in the double digits! Have a magical time getting ready for your trip:)

  3. Thanks Deb!! My son walks with me every evening after dinner and that's usually what we talk about these days. I can hardly wait!!


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