Monday, April 18, 2011

#8 - Oh I Just Can't Wait To Be King-Lion King

#8 Oh I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Simba and Nala are so cute as kids aren't they? And Zazu so prim and proper, it's so much fun to watch them make fun of him behind his back.  Simba is really proud of his heritage though, and it is evident here that all of the animals of the Pridelands were proud to have Mufasa as the Lion King and Simba as his successor (I guess Scar wasn't so happy about that was he?).  I love this scene from the movie, it's one of the few where Simba is till a totally innocent cub before Scar sets his evil plan into motion. Hope you enjoy it too!!  Have a Magical Day!!


  1. Love it!!! Such a fun part of Mickey's Philharmagic show too!!

  2. Hi Stephanie! Mickey's Philharmagic is on our must do list for July. Dakota has told me more than once that he wants to go, we missed it on our last trip to Disney. Thanks for stopping by!!


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