Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reasons I Love Disney A-Z..."P"

Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty) - When Briar Rose met him in the forest, she didn't know he was a Prince, for that matter she didn't know she was a Princess. Prince Philip was determined to fight for his true love. It's what makes Disney movies, well Disney movies.
Prince Charming (Cinderella) - It's odd to me that he doesn't really have a name other than "Prince Charming" but you've got to give him credit, he never gave up on finding Cinderella.
Pluto - He is a truly faithful friend to Mickey Mouse, and is almost always by his side. His birthday is September 5, 1930 and his is one of the few Disney characters who never speaks.
Pete - I've seen him as a neighbor of both Mickey and Goofy but he's always mean and up to no good. He first appeared February 15, 1925 so that makes him the oldest Disney character, even older than Mickey!
Peter Pan - Both the character and the movie. Disney World is the place we all go to act like a kid again, and I think Peter is the ultimate embodiment of never growing up and always being able to find that kid in you.
Peter Pan's Flight - This is Mike's favorite ride at Disney hands down. He doesn't get excited about anything Disney, except this ride. It is really wonderful, and it's such a classic ride. It is definitely on our "Must Do" list.
Pirates of the Caribbean - This will be my first time riding Pirates of the Caribbean, and I am beyond excited. I LOVE the movies, and I love that Disney refurbished the rides to include characters from them. Another "Must Do" for out July vacation.
Pirates of the Caribbean - The movies have to have a mention of their own, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth and Will are favorites of mine and the entire family. The crew of the Black Pearl are memorable as well, and Davy Jones from the sequel. I can't wait for the prequel this summer.
Pumbaa (Lion King) - Timon and Pumbaa are two of the most fun characters of The Lion King movie, and honestly Simba may not have survived without them. The world is a happier place with a Hakuna Matata attitude from time to time.  
Piglet - Piglet is Pooh's very best friend, and this tiny pink guy is way braver than he thinks he is.
Pongo & Perdita (101 Dalmations) - Parents to the puppies in this Disney classic. Thank goodness Cruella didn't get her hands on them to make her coat!!
Pocahontas - This indian princess is beautiful and smart, the name Pocahontas means "Little Mischief." She is the only American Disney Princess.
Phillipe (Beauty and the Beast) -  Belle's horse from the movie, he comes to get Belle when his father is captured by the Beast early in the movie. Later, he protects her from the wolves even though he is frighented of them himself.
Park Hoppers - We always choose the Park Hopper option when we go to Disney. You never know when you may want to eat in another park or when you may just want to hop over to another park to see the fireworks or visit an attraction. For us it's definitely worth the money.
Package Delivery - I love that I can buy things in the parks and have them delivered to my resort. That is one of the most awesome ideas Disney ever had. I hate trying to keep up with things or remember where you saw something so you can go back before you leave, and you don't have to worry about breaking something on the trip back at the end of the day.
Pressed Coins - Pressed penny and quarter machines are located throughout Disney World. Each one has a different Disney design. Bring along new and shiny pennies and quarters to press, pennies will cost and additional $.50 and quarters will cost an additional $1.00 to press, but considering it's Disney that's a cheap souvenir. Look for a keepsake book to keep them in at a Disney gift shop.
PhotoPass - The ideal way to have pictures of your trip and make sure everyone is in them. PhotoPass Photographers are at all of the places you would expect them to be but they are almost everywhere else too. Just hand them your PhotoPass card and all of your vacation pictures are in one place, so easy!!
Perfectly Princess Grand Tea Party - Brunch, dessert and a My Disney Girl doll is included in this must do if you have a little princess. If my little Lexi were going with me this would be something we would have to do. Sorry Ash, but Lexi has to do this one with Nana because 1. it includes a visit from Princess Aurora, 2. it is at the Grand Floridian.
Pinocchio - I have to confess this is another one of those classic Disney movies I haven't seen. I now the storyline, but he is a really cute puppet boy who really knows how to get into trouble.
Prince Charming Regal Carrousel - Built in 1917 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, this carrousel has 90 horses and each one is different. It sits near Cinderella Castle and plays Disney music. Whether you choose to ride or not you have to admire the craftsmanship and beauty of this ride.
Plaza Restaurant - An old fashioned ice cream parlor with overstuffed hot and cold sanwiches located on Main Street is how the PassPorter describes this restaurant. We have lunch reservations here and I will be enjoying a hot sandwich with a brownie sundae for dessert, I can't wait!!
Portobello - Contemporary Italian dining, located in Downtown Disney. Just remember this is fine Italian dining, it's not Tony's. It's more expensive and and more for the foodie than for the Olive Garden crowd. If you are going to give it a try better make your reservations up to 180 days out.
Planet Hollywood - Downtown Disney must be the place to eat...Planet Hollywood is part of the famed franchise, and has the same menu with BBQ, NY Strip steaks and Burgers you are accustomed to at their restaurants along with the movie memorabilia and souvenirs for sale.
Polynesian Resort- Disney's tribute to the South Pacific, a lush tropical paradise located on the Seven Seas Lagoon. I love how Disney emerses each resort totally into each theme. The Spirit of Aloha dinner show is a real treat for guests, and they even have hammocks on the beach to relax in.
Port Orleans French Quarter & Riverside - A little bit of the Big Easy right inside Disney World. The French Quarter has "gas" lamposts, cajun food and jazz music, and Riverside has a Riverside Mill, magnolia blossoms and mint juleps. We are even taking a carriage ride along the Sassagoula River while we're there.
Pop Century - A value resort with 2880 guest rooms. This resort is Disney's tribute to pop culture. Each section is a tribute to a decade, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. It has it's own food court and is located near Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

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