Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reasons I Love Disney A-Z..."J"

Jungle Book - Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, King Louie; I love the characters from this movie!!  This music is great, the story is great!  Ash & I watched it hundreds of times when she was little.
Jasmine - One of the Disney Princesses, she has to be on list. And I love the movie Aladdin. She is beautiful and exotic, and she has a pet tiger, how cool is that???
Jafar - As long as we are talking about Aladdin, we can't forget it's villain now can we?
Jack Jack (The Incredibles) - Baby Jack Jack, the youngest of the Incredibles.
James Norrington (Pirates of the Caribbean) - His life changed considerably from the first movie to the third. Aren't we glad Elizabeth didn't marry him!!
Joshamee Gibbs (Pirates of the Caribbean) - Mr. Gibbs, I bet you didn't know his first name did ya!!
Jiminy Cricket - Pinocchio had to have a conscious and who better than Jiminy Cricket to do the job?
John (Peter Pan) - One of the Darling children who accompanied Peter to Neverland. I didn't see this movie until I was almost 40, and I loved it immediately, and the ride is definitely a favorite at Disney World.
Jetsam (The Little Mermaid) - Along with Flotsam, one of those evil electric eels of Ursula's!
Jessie (Toy Story) - What a shame this little red headed fireball of a cowgirl had to spend all those years not being played with. She is so much fun in Toy Story 2, and she was really meant to have a little girl play with her, thank goodness Buzz and Woody rescued her from that Toy Barn guy!!
Jungle Cruise - It's a hokey ride, but it is a Disney classic. I am sure we will be on it come July.
Japan Pavilion - I think Japanese architecture is so beautiful, I am really looking forward to seeing the Japan Pavilion at the World Showcase in EPCOT. I hear the  pagoda, rock garden and koi ponds are stunning.

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