Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reasons I Love Disney A-Z..."S"

Sleeping Beauty - Big surprise that this is my first entry on the "S" list huh. Again, my favorite movie, favorite princess. This movie is a big part of the reason I love Disney, I know I have said it before but it is the first movie I remember seeing in the theater as a kid, Aurora was so beautiful to me-Disney animation and storytelling at it's finest.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - In 1937 this movie was a true first of it's kind, the first full length cel-animated film, the first full color animated film, the first film produced by Walt Disney, I am sure a lot of people thought he was crazy, especially since he mortgaged his house to raise money. Well, look at what an animated film about a beautiful princess and seven dwarfs who mined for jewels started.
Sebastain (The Little Mermaid) - I love this little red crab, I love his Caribbean accent, I love to hear him sing (Under the Sea is my favorite song from the movie), and I love that he loves Ariel so much he is willing to help her despite himself.
Scuttle (The Little Mermaid) - Despite the fact that he thinks he knows everything about humans (a fork is a dinglehopper and used to comb your hair and a smoking pipe is a snarfblat and is a musical instrument) he is very lovable and he is a loyal friend to Ariel. He even helps stop Eric from marrying Vanessa (Ursula in disguise).
Simba (The Lion King) - So cute as a cub, he was all boy and mischievous and fun. When he grew up he became a true leader, one that Mufasa would have been proud of.
Sarabi (The Lion King) - Queen of the Pride Lands, she was Simba's mother and Mufasa's mate. She led the lioness hunting party so that the lion pride could eat, she was quiet and laid back but would do anything to protect Simba and the Pride Lands.
Sneezy & Sleepy (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) - Poor Sneezy with his hayfever sneezing at the most inopportune times and Sleepy, well he yawns a lot and appears to be tired all of the time, but he works as hard as any of the dwarfs and he's the one who figures out the witch has Snow White.
Stitch (Lilo & Stitch) - Experiment 626 Stitch was created to cause chaos across the galaxy. Somehow after seeing the movie I think he was quite capable of doing the job, but he did really love Lilo and she did have a calming effect on him, as calming as anyone could have on Stitch anyway.
Shere Kahn (Jungle Book) - His name would bring fear to all the creatures in the jungle, but the main conquest he wanted was the man cub.
Shenzi (Lion King) - Again, Banzai, Shenzi & Ed , the hyenas from the Lion King were great weren't they! I loved this movie, I still haven't gotten around to watching it again. Hakuna Matata! 
Scar (Lion King) - He was pure evil in this movie wasn't he, who could be cold and callus enough to kill your own brother and want to kill someone as cute as Simba. Karma does come back to get him in the end when the hyenas have the final bite at him though.
Sarah Hawkins (Treasure Planet) - Jim's Mom, she loves her son, and she knows boys will be boys. I am sure it was hard for her to allow him to leave with Delbert to go off searching for Treasure Planet.
Soarin - "Soarin' is a serene, multisensory attraction that simulates a peaceful hang-gliding flight over California. Experience the feeling of free flight from 40 feet in the air while surrounded by scenic panoramas including the Golden Gate Bridge, Malibu and LA." This is exactly how http://www.disneyworld.com/ describes Soarin' I guess I can't come up with much better. This is probably the #1 thing on Dakota's "Must Do" list for our trip. I can hardly wait!!
Splash Mountain - Bet you didn't know Splash Mountain was voted favorite Magic Kingdom attraction by Disney Magazine readers in 2004. I don't know why but log plume rides have never scared me the way traditional roller coasters have. I know I'm crazy.
Space Mountain - I know it's strange, but somehow it's less scary when a roller coaster is enclosed in a building-I am less intimidated. Space Mountain underwent a major renovation in 2009, and it is the oldest running roller coaster in the state of Florida.
Star Tours - I am not the Star Wars expert in our family, that would definitely be Dakota, but I have bought enough light sabers and action figures to fill a Starspeeder. The Star Tours attraction has been under going a major renovation, and should be reopening in May. I am sure it will be exciting, and this time it will be in 3-D. Until then, "May the Force be with you."
Slush Gusher, Snow Stormers, Summit Plummet  - All attractions at Blizzard Beach. I cannot wait for water slides and wave pools and fun!!  Summit Plummet even has a 120 foot drop and you can go at speeds of up to 50-60 MPH!
Shark Reef, Storm Slides, Surf Lessons - I can't leave out Typhoon Lagoon now can I?  I mean who wouldn't want to swim with sharks or take surfing lessons? Their wave pool even has 5 foot waves!!
Sci-Fi Dine In Theater - Who wouldn't want to eat in a booth that looks like a car at a drive-in movie theater from the 50's and watch a crazy Sci-Fi movie?? No wonder it's such a fan favorite!!

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