Friday, March 11, 2011

Reasons I Love Disney A-Z..."M"

Mickey Mouse - Mickey symbolies all that is Disney doesn't he? From the white gloves to the iconic ears he is all that is Disney.
Minnie Mouse - There had to be a partner for Mickey, and Minnie fits the bill perfectly.
Magic Kingdom - The most popular of the theme parks. It is the reason most people visit Disney World, from Main Street to Fantasy Land to Cinderella Castle to the fireworks. It's where magic lives.
Magic - Specifically Disney Magic, it's more of a feeling than the "pulling a rabit out the hat" kind of magic. If you're a Disney Fan you know what I'm talking about.
Mulan - Brave-Check, Smart-Check, Beautiful-Check, Loyal-Check. Mulan had it all didn't she, and she proved herself to her family and to the other soldiers she trained and fought beside.
Mushu (Mulan) - This little dragon was wonderful comic relief in this movie.
Monster's Inc. - From Monstropolis to Mike to Sully to Boo I love this movie. It's got a good story, great characters, comedy, suspense. I think this is my favorite Pixar film.
Mike Wazowski - How could you not love a short, round, one eyed, green guy who loves getting on TV or in magazines even if his face is covered up??  
Mufasa - I said it before, a true example of what a father should be. Simba didn't have his father for long, but he had a heck of an example for as long as he had him.
Michael (Peter Pan) - One of the Darling children who accompanied Peter to Neverland. I believe Michael was the older brother.
Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) - My favorite villain, she is just gorgeous and unapologetic for being evil. I mean if you're going to be evil you may as well look good while you're doing it and be commited to what you're doing, right...
Merryweather (Sleeping Beauty) - Merryweather is the blue fairy, she was about to give Aurora her gift when Maleficent put her curse upon her. So Merryweather's gift became that she would sleep until she was kissed by her one true love after touching the spinning wheel spindle instead of dying on her sixteenth birthday, so in essence it her gift was the gift of life.
Milo Thatch (Atlantis) - Milo believed in Atlantis when noone else did. He's one of those Disney characters you can't help but cheer for.
Mad Hatter & March Hare (Alice in Wonderland) - The Mad Hatter is such a colorful character you have to give him props for that. He is interesting to say the least. The March Hare, well there wouldn't really be a story without him now would there?
Mrs. Potts & Maurice (Beauty and the Beast) - Mrs. Potts, Chip's doting mom, is such a delight in the movie. She is so sweet and kind. Maurice is a wonderful father to Belle, he loves her to a fault and Belle loves her father just as much in return.
Melody (The Little Mermaid II) - Ariel & Eric's daughter, you know Ariel's daughter isn't going to be passive. She is very cute, the movie is good but definitely doesn't compare to the original.
Meg (Hercules) - Meg had no idea she would really fall for Hercules when she sold her soul to Hades so she could bring her love back to life. Everything happens for a reason, you can't change the past.
Mowgli (Jungle Book) - The man cub, Bagheera so cleverly named him, really didn't want to go live in the man village. If he and Baloo had their way he would have just lived in the jungle forever, that young girl had to go and change his mind.
Mr. Smee (Peter Pan) - You have to admit he is loyal to Captain Hook to a fault. It is so funny when he shaves the seagull thinking he has shaved off Captain Hook's face. He is one of my favorite characters from Peter Pan.
Morph & Mr. Arrow (Treasure Planet) - Morph is just that, he can morph into anything, and he really does love both Jim and John Silver, the cyborg. Mr. Arrow, the first mate, loyal and true-too bad that ugly insectoid Scroop cut his line.
Mad Tea Party - A classic Disney Ride, plain and simple. It's not a thrill ride, but I'll bet it's on everybody's "Must Do" list.
Main Street USA - I think Main Street was designed after Walt's own hometown. I know it feels like home as you walk down it in the Magic Kingdom.
Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor - The master of ceremonies us Mike Wazowski, you know it's gonna be fun. You can even text your own jokes in and see if yours gets picked to be in the show, how fun is that?
Mexico & Morocco Pavilion - The Mexico pavilion has an Aztec pyramid, how awesome is that.You can even take a boat ride there. Have to watch the belly dancers in the Morocco Pavilion for sure.
Mission: SPACE - Look out Mars, here we come!  Going 8,000 aeronautical miles in 5-1/2 minutes, nowhere else but Disney.
Maharajah Jungle Trek - Asian Tiger, Komodo Dragon, Malayan Tapir and over 50 species of exotic birds inhabit this area of the Animal Kingdom. It is a self guided tour so you can walk at your own pace.

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