Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reasons I Love Disney World A-Z..."H"

Hollywood Studios - One of the "Big Four Parks" you know you're there when you see Sorcerer Mickey's hat. The absolute must sees are Rockin Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania & Tower of Terror.
Hamm (Toy Story) - This cute little pink piggy bank from the Toy Story movies knows everything or at least thinks he does. Don't we all know somebody like that??
Hercules - This movie came out the year Dakota was born, 1997. Hercules is the son of Zeus and Hera, you all know about his amazing strength. Hades is his brother and nemesis, it is not my favorite Disney movie, but it is a good movie nonetheless.
Happy (Snow White) - "Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho it's of to work we go..." another of Snow White's dwarfs.
Haunted Mansion - Not nearly as scary as it sounds, I love this ride. The special effects are great, the cobwebs and dust are perfect and the hitchhiker you pickup along the way is great. I can't wait to visit the mansion again on this trip.
Hidden Mickey's - It's so much fun to look for these all over Disney World isn't it! Just google it and you will find tons of hints and info to get you started.
Hundred Acre Wood - Where else would you find Pooh, Tigger and all their friends? I would be a really magical and fun place to live wouldn't it?

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