Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Big Change!!! Maybe...I think???

I've been thinking about making a change. You see it up there in the header. Yesterday I joined Twitter. Adventures In Disney World Vacation Planning is too long for Twitter, so I chose "Disney Donna Kay". I Like It!!  Actually, I like it a lot!  You see, I originally named my blog "Adventures in Disney World Vacation Planning" because I was going to write all about planning my family vacation this July.  I didn't really think I would ever blog about anything other than my actual vacation plans. Well, as you know I got started with my A-Z list of "Reasons I Love Disney" and I really enjoyed it, and I don't anticipate stopping the blog at the end of my vacation. I was also thinking my blog name sounded a bit like a travel agent - random I know.  So, I know there are some of you out there who read my blog and I would really love to have your opinion. Do you like my new name or should I stick with "Adventures In Disney World Vacation Planning"?

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