Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reasons I Love Disney A-Z..."D"

Disney World - It really is such a magical place. Don't you just love going there and becoming a kid again, and taking your kids and watching the pure joy in their eyes. I can't wait for my vacation, come on July!!
Donald & Daisy Duck - Two of the original cast of characters that are true Disney Icons. You have to love Donald, even though his temper flairs from time to time he really has a heart of gold.
Dumbo - the movie is a Disney classic and the ride is one of the first we took Dakota on at the Magic Kingdom.
Disney Blogs - I love reading them, whether it's about the parks or movies or the man, I love keeping up with what's happening now or learning about the history of Disney.
Dinosaur - I can hardly wait to visit the Dino Institute and climb aboard the CTX Time's gonna be a bumpy ride!!
Downtown Disney - Cirque du Soleil, DisneyQuest, House of Blues, Planet Hollywood, Tren-D, Disney's Days of Christmas, Goofy's Candy Company, World of Disney, I don't think I need to say anymore.
Disney's Days of Christmas - This store has to have a spot of it's own. My tree is decorated in Disney ornaments each year. I bet there will be lots of new ones for 2011.
Dory - She really was one of the reasons I loved Finding Nemo, as scatter brained as she was she helped keep Marlin on track until he found Nemo.
Dash - The older son from The Incredibles, I love how they are a regular family except for the fact that they have super powers.
Dopey - I make the confession I have never actually seen Snow White, but I think he's so cute. Which means now I should mention Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy & Happy.
Dreams - Disney is just a place that make you believe all your dreams can really come true.
Disney Channel - When Dakota was little we watched it for hours, especially on weekend mornings. Bear in the Big Blue House, P B & J Otter, Stanley & the Great Big Book of Everything (Dakota loved animals). I don't even know if these shows are on anymore, probably not.
Disney Couture - I really like this jewelry line from Disney. It's trendy, and not aimed at kids. I even bought Ashley the Cinderella set for her wedding.

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