Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reasons I Love Disney A-Z..."C"

Cinderella - I have to start with Cinderella because she is Ashley's favorite princess. And I do love the movie too, it is truly a Disney Classic.
Cinderella's Castle - This is the definition of a Disney Icon isn't it. I get chills looking at it as I walk down Main Street, there isn't anything else like it anywhere. Once you see it you know you're there, it really does make Disney "The Most Magical Place On Earth" all by itself, doesn't it?
Cape May Cafe - I am really looking forward to having breakfast here during our stay at the Yacht Club. It really is convenient to have a character breakfast at your resort!!
Characters - From Mickey & Minnie to Rapunzel & Flynn there is some kind of character for everyone to love at Disney. They are half the reason we go and a huge part of the magic.
Captain Hook - I love Peter Pan!! And the Crocodile who had his hand for dinner, who knew Hook would taste so good?  We love to ride Peter Pan's Flight, can't wait to ride it again.
Captain Jack Sparrow - I cannot wait to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean!  We didn't ride this back in 2003 and I am so glad. I can't imagine this attraction without Jack and his crew. I love these movies and well Johnny Depp, enough said.
Chip Potts & Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast) - How cute is little Chip as a little stow away helping save the day!  And Cogsworth is so noble.
Christopher Robin - Who doesn't love Pooh and all the characters from the Hundred Acre Wood? And none of them would be possible without Christopher Robin.
Coral Reef Restaurant - We are so excited about finally getting to eat here. We had reservations last trip but our traveling companions decided they didn't want to try it so we canceled. I definitely have to have a Chocolate Wave for dessert!!

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