Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Am A Disney Blog Junkie!!!

I have a confession to make. I read lots of Disney blogs every day, and I "Like" lots of Disney stuff on Facebook. You see my new addition to the blog, over to the right, there are some of the blogs I frequent. Oh there are lots more, and there will definitely be additions to the list. Most of the time I just do a generic search for Disney or Disney World or Disney Vacation and see what comes up.  I also love all of the Disney history you can find on the blogs out there.  I find the ones I like the most are created by real Disney fans, not travel agents who are giving you tips in hopes of getting business along the way.  And not the blogs by someone who's hoping to sell a guidebook.  It's the simple blogs by a Mom or Dad who just loves Disney and taking their family there on vacation.  The person who blogs just for the pure Love of Disney!  It's where they say I remember walking down Main Street with my little boy ... or I remember the first time I rode Tower of Terror!  The truly heartfelt stories and memories of their time in the parks. While I do appreciate the advice on remembering to bring comfy shoes and sunscreen to the parks and to get a FastPass to Soarin' I am now ready to read about the fun I am going to experience in about 160 days.  Now I really need to find a good Disney food blog I still a have a couple of ADR's to make...

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