Monday, January 17, 2011

Yacht Club Concierge Itinerary Planning Worksheet!!

Today is 184 days and counting! Dakota and I were talking Disney all weekend. I have been pouring over books trying to decide where we should eat for weeks. You know it is really hard to decide 6 months out what you might want to eat. We are not gourmet dining people, we enjoy a good meal (Mike is especially looking forward to eating some Mahi Mahi and Dakota some calamari). We are pretty laid back while we are on vacation, having something planned for every minute is just not us. So I am going to worry about ADR's (advance dining reservations) for the restaurants that I know are always hard to get into, and some of our meals we are going to play by ear. Mike wants to have "in room dining"one night and watch Illimunations from our balcony and just relax, I have seen the menu and that works for me. Coral Reef is the one request from Dakota, he mainly wants to watch the sealife in the aquariums while we eat. We have a family photo session included with our Premium Package, and this time I am planning on actually attending the LaNouba, we also want to do the dinner package for Fantasmic. Ok, I need to go and write all this down so someone can make sense out of it. I love that I just have to fill out the worksheet and send it over to the Yacht Club concierge itinerary planning staff and they will handle everything for me. Now to finish up my "must do" list so that I can finish the worksheet and send it over.

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