Monday, January 10, 2011

My Reservation is "Confirmed"...

We all know a Walt Disney World Vacation far from cheap, especially when you are a sucker who wants the works. When I originally made my reservations with "Whisper" we were required to put down a deposit of $200. I thought this would confirm my reservation, I was never told otherwise. Fast forward a week or so and my wonderful hubby pays about $450 shy of half of our Magic Your Way Premium Package. Now, we are staying at The Yacht Club-Conceirge Level, Lagoon View this is not a cheap vacation. We have already paid Disney more for this vacation than I have paid for my last two vacations combined and I'm not even half way paid yet. So I am waiting for my pretty red package I see people talking about getting on the DISBoards and others with their luggage tags and resort info. Well, needless to say I am still waiting. So this past Saturday the hubby decides to pay Disney more of his hard earned money for our much anticipated summer vacation, $1000 later I get an email from Disney that says that my reservations have been "Confirmed"??? What do you mean my reservations are just now confirmed... The other small fortune you got from my family was not enough to assure you that my family was going to show up this July? This blew my mind. I assume that Disney does not consider your reservation "confirmed" until it is at least half way paid for. WOW!! So does this now make me worthy of the little red package in the mail to say "You're Coming to Disney World!" I haven't found anywhere on the website that says that you have to pay 1/2 before you are confirmed, just that you have to have your full amount paid by 45 days prior to your arrival. Anyway, now I can do the happy dance I am official according to Disney!!!

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