Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Blog For Me, If You Are Reading That's Icing On The Cake..

I am a realist, I know that only on a rare occasion does someone other than myself actually read my blog. You see, truth is I write everything here for myself. Don't get me wrong I would love to have a million followers and have Disney ask me to blog for them. But, I am enjoying planning my vacation and as I write my posts it will be here for me to remember long after our vacation is over. And by writing it all down here I am not bugging my friends and family with Disney info and boring them to death. As Disney fanatics well know, not everyone is as crazy about the "World" as we are. You see, I could look at Disney Guide Books and Disboards, Zannaland, Allears, ect. for hours on end, much like my daughter can shop for a Coach purse or MAC makeup. I guess what I am saying is by having this blog I get to "talk" about Disney to my hearts delight, but I am not bugging the people I love.

Now in the same breath I have to tell you I am very much aware of the Disboards, Passporter and Allears Disney fans who post their "Pre Trip Reports" on their websites. I haven't had much luck with forums. You see I was never the popular kid in school, but you popular kids needed kids like me who were happy being followers and wall flowers-we were the kids who made you popular. Just sayin. Things haven't changed much since high school, I'm not the popular kid on the forums, I'm more the lurker type, and Pre Trip Reports are just popularity reports. Talk about pressure, you have this fear of "What if no one reads my post?", "What if no one follows my Pre Trip Report?", "Is the name of my report catchy enough to draw in readers?" Way too stressful, know what I mean?

Great things is, unless I choose to click the "Stats" tab at the top of my Blogger page I will never know how many people read about my "Adventures in Disney World Vacation Planning", and sometimes ignorance is bliss. Today I may want a million readers, tomorrow I may not want any. So for today thanks to all million of you for taking a few minutes to humor me and read my rambling thoughts.

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